5 Pieces of Football Equipment Every Player Needs

Every player that plays football needs to have the right equipment to protect themselves. Of course we are all familiar with seeing the helmets, shoulder pads and mouth guards but that is not all you need when you play football!

There are 5 key pieces of equipment that every football player needs beside the traditional garb. These key pieces are very important for underage players that really need the extra protection to prevent injuries.

Youth players are at greater risk of permanent injury. They can easily injure the growth plates in their bones and wind up with a serious lifelong injury. Taking extra precautions is always a welcome idea when it comes to kids and football.

If you have to spend a little more on better equipment it is absolutely worth it. So what is it that players should invest in?

Read below to find out the 5 pieces of football equipment every player needs!

Eye Shield

You probably have seen the face guards with the eye shields attached on the pro fields but they are not standard issue on most college or high school fields. It is something that does not come with the helmet either.

It is an additional piece of equipment that adds an extra layer of protection for the player’s eyes. It can keep out the dirt that gets kicked up on the field and other debris out of the eyes.

The eye shields are relatively inexpensive.

Here are two that work well:

Under Armor Youth Football Visor – this one is made for the kids.

Elite Tek Eye Shield – this company puts out quite a few different eye shield options, like tinted and smoked models. If you click on the link it will take you to the page that has all of their options listed.

Under Armor Youth Football Visor

Under Armor Youth Football Visor

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Elite Tek Eye Shield Visor

Elite Tek Eye Shield Visor

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Debris flying up at the eyes can be a huge distraction from the game but more importantly can cause dirt and debris to get in the eyes.


Sometimes you will see players with gloves on but many times you don’t although it makes far more sense to wear gloves.

Some players feel like they cannot get a good enough grip on the ball but when you have gloves that are made for the sole purpose of grabbing the ball it can actually enhance your game.

It gets cold out on the field and it is a distraction when your hands are cold. Of course while football gloves are not made to protect players from scuffs and scuttles, a little bit of protection when a player is rolling around on the field is a lot better than no protection at all.

These gloves are an excellent choice:

Elite Tech-for youth and adults – they have a skin tight fit and can easily grip the ball.

The Nike Adult Vapors have a crash pad built in on the back of the glove to provide protection.

EliteTek Football Gloves

EliteTek Football Gloves

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Nike Vapor Football Gloves

Nike Vapor Football Gloves

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Neck Roll or Collar

Typically the neck roll or collar is worn by defensive lineman to prevent whiplash. Whiplash is actually a very common injury in football that is not exclusive to the defensive linemen. It can happen to any player.

Whiplash occurs when the head snap back and forth too quickly from impact. A neck roll or a collar of good quality can help to prevent whiplash.

Most youth teams require that a neck roll or collar is used but some do not. It is strongly recommended especially for youth teams that this collar is used during the game no matter what the position is.

There is a lot riding on the safety of the neck during football.

A really great collar that is preferred by many players is the:

Mueller Collar because it stays cool unlike some of the neck rolls that sort of hold the heat and cause the player discomfort.

The Douglas NP Neck Roll is also a good choice because it comes up behind the back of the helmet and can help to stabilize the helmet.

Douglas NP Neck Roll

Douglas NP Neck Roll

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A recent study determined that neck strength may be a mitigating factor in concussion. The stronger the neck, the more protected the neck the least likely a concussion event will occur.

Invest in a Better Mouth Guard

One of the absolute must haves for football player equipment is a really high quality mouth guard. Studies have shown that standard over the counter mouth guards have left high school football players with traumatic injuries to their teeth at the rate of twice that of players that have used higher quality, better designed mouth guards.

Traditional mouth guards are really not enough. They protect the teeth somewhat but they do not protect the lips and they do not absorb the pounding that players can take on the field.

Most people think that the face guard is enough but the reality is the face guard does not keep the foot from sliding in and kicking the player in the face.

Mouth guards that also protect the lips are available and are a good option.

Here is a great option:

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard – it protects the lips and the teeth.

Shock Doctor

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Athletic Cup and Jock Strap

Protecting the family jewels during football is very important. Athletic cups and jock straps are very important features of any football equipment. It is wise to choose these items carefully. Comfort and protection are key.

There are plenty of great options out there.

Here is a great cup:

Shock Doctor BioFlex Cup – this is a heavy duty cup that is light weight yet extremely durable.

Shock Doctor Bioflex Cup

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Here is a great jock strap:

Omtex Neo Cotton Gym Supporter – offers great support and has a built in pocket for the cup.

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Everyone would agree that playing football without a cup and a jockstrap is just nuts. It is well worth the few dollars extra that you pay for a high quality rig and cup to ensure complete protection.

The right football equipment can literally mean the difference between football being enjoyed and football being the cause of injuries. A few extra dollars invested can go a long way in protecting a player.

Steven5 Pieces of Football Equipment Every Player Needs