Best Football Gloves 2017: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide with Reviews

Welcome to a buyer’s guide to the best football gloves of the 2017 calendar year. The goal is to help you find the best options that fit your price range and your specific needs and wants.

With the kind of money spent on football gloves these days, you want to make sure they can endure heavy usage throughout the year.

This article will help you keep up with evaluations and reviews that highlight the top rated football gloves on the market today.

Before we get into the buyer’s guide, let us talk a little about the history of football gloves. It wasn’t until the end of the 1970s and into the early 1980s that football gloves began to be used.

Before then, football players either caught the ball with their bare hands or they dipped their hands in a sticky solution that was later outlawed by the NFL.

When football gloves were used more and more often in the 1980s, their designs were basic and did not have much protection or ventilation for its users.

However, gloves come with grip, protection, and ventilation all to boot in today’s scene. It is amazing what technology has done over a few decades of research and work.

If you are interested, check out the link to see the evolution of gloves in the NFL:

The 2017 Guide to the Best Football Gloves

When deciding on good football gloves to purchase for the season, you will need to think about a few things to help you in your decision.

First, did you know there is a difference between lineman and receiver football gloves? Since football gloves can improve performance on the field, protecting your hands is a must, and extra grip could help your control the football in whatever way you impact the game.

Gloves can help in two ways: protection or grip. Some minor factors may include fit, flexibility, and weight.

So, what are the best receiver gloves and what makes them great?

Receiver gloves, as well as gloves for running backs, quarterbacks, tight ends, and fullbacks, need to help players keep control of the football.

best football gloves - guide

Gloves like these are usually lightweight and are designed to increase grip, give extra padding to the back of the hand, and have a flexible construction to help you stay agile in traffic.

When searching for the best lineman gloves, the characteristics vary differently from a wide receiver and other skill positions.

Since lineman take some of the hardest hits on the gridiron, their gloves need to be tough and built to last.

These gloves will help protect the hand and fingers from hyperextension or damage to the skin, muscle, and/or bone structure.

Features include little to no tackiness on the palm of the glove, extra padding to protect against impacts, and heavier material to withstand the grind of the game.

Next, you should be thinking about the type of football gloves that will serve you best.

Depending on your position, your skill-level, and age, you will gather more information to help you decide what are the best football gloves to fit your game. Finding gloves in your budget can’t only help your game, but will also help your wallet.

Start by narrowing down your search, from an overwhelming amount of gloves to only a few choices. This will help ease the anxiety of so many options.

Also, when searching for gloves, consider what you need them for. Some football glove categories include adult gloves for position players and lineman, football gloves for youth, and even football gloves for coaches.

Adult gloves are for players in high school or older playing positions like quarterback, running back, tight end, fullback, and wide receiver.

Adult gloves for lineman are for players high school age and up that play positions such as lineman and linebacker.

Youth football gloves are for players of any position in elementary school on up to middle school aged players.

Lastly, you might not have thought that coaches need gloves too, but they certainly do. Coaches can use gloves for warmth and comfort for game day or for practice.

Think about football gloves with grip next. Different brands develop gloves with varying types of grip on the palm.

Extra tackiness can help control the ball no matter if you are snapping, handing off, throwing, grasping, or catching a football.

Most of the designs for grip are made for the wide receiver position, and they vary on durability and what the conditions are on the field. Here are a few of the most popular brands of grip:

  • Cutter C-TACK: This grip is quite popular. Its design will last throughout the football season. The tacky grip is permanent, and restores itself, even after being washed in the laundry. Quite impressive if you ask us.
  • Nike Magnigrip: For better grip, check out this patent made for wide receivers to catch incoming passes. They are comfortable and last season after season.
  • Under Armour GrabTack: This material is extra-sticky and has thumb coverage that adds control to any football coming your way.
  • Adidas Silicone Palm: Solid grip can be found with this material and gives extra coverage to the thumb. With a silicone substance, this design gives grip, protection, and comfort to every user.
  • Neumann Tackified Leather Palm: These tackified football gloves have leather palms that keep footballs sticking to your hands. They are machine wash acceptable, and they can be air-dried back to perfection. The basic leather fits comfortably to the hand, and this gives players great grip to the football.

Lastly, think about some other features that you might want in cool football gloves. As football gloves continue to advance, so do the benefits and the features.

Some options could include materials of high quality, improve ventilation, extra padding, and glove styles. Some of the most trusted brands in the business have many options for you to choose from.

High quality materials can help you perform at your best under any weather conditions. With improved glove strength, you can be sure you will be protected game after game.

Certain materials stretch to fit your hand, and have constructions that are either reinforced or seamless to adapt to your liking.

Ventilation, from state-of-the-art mesh, helps keep airflow moving through your glove. The hot air is dumped out, keeping your hand dry, comfortable, and cool during each snap of the football.

A lot of times, people might think that extra padding might make for some heavy, bulky football gloves, but that is not the case today with improved technology.

Padding is now flexible and lightweight, supporting the palm and the back of the hand. Specifically for lineman, gloves with extra padding help soften a blow and protect your hands.

Over the last decade, the style of gloves has been a huge money maker and game-change when it comes to the best receiver gloves.

There are so many choices of colors and configurations on the palm. Style can be an important factor that may help you feel good and look good, so you can play good.

If you watch any football at all, at the high school, college, or professional level, you will notice the style of gloves that everyone wears, and that might ultimately affect your decision on what gloves to buy.

Best Football Glove Reviews

Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves

These are some of the best football gloves for receivers in the game today. Cutters has prided itself on creating flexible gloves with a lightweight feel.

There are synthetic supports that create a firm fit, making these gloves quite durable. With Cutters C-TACK design, grip is extended completely over the palm. Even the wrist has increased grip.

Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves

One of the neat features is the Rev-Tack Recharge. Simply, wipe off the grip with a damp cloth or put them in with the laundry, and your grip will be as good as new.

Also, these gloves meet the requirements for the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).


  • Super tacky and sticky
  • Efficiently priced
  • Nice fit
  • Great comfortable feel
  • Will help you catch like a professional
  • Air ventilation is effective
  • Fast Shipping
  • Have a wonderful exchange and return policy


  • Separate pieces of rubber can lead to ripping
  • Too stiff upon first use
  • White mesh peels off over time

Overall, Cutters REV Pro Receiver Gloves are some of the best football receiver gloves on the market. Cutters prides itself on gloves that are durable, the right fit, and help you perform your best on the gridiron.

Since Cutters technology is a secret, you will just have to buy a pair to see what all the fuss is about because you aren’t getting the design unless you pay.

Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution

What football gloves have the best grip? Check out these C-TACK Gloves made by Cutters. These gloves meet the specifications for the NOCSAE, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution

Performing your best in inclement weather can be a challenge. But, look no further than these best football gloves to help you in the rain, sun, or snow. The C-Tack grip is machine dryable and washable when they are in need of some cleaning.


  • High-quality
  • Ultra-tacky
  • Great in the cold
  • Good for recreational or competitive use
  • Washing instructions can help the stickiness last
  • Unbeatable price
  • Best wide receiver gloves
  • Lightweight


  • Sizes run small
  • Craftsmanship can be sloppy
  • Stitching can rip on the fingers
  • Gloves can reduce feel
  • Too stiff at first use
  • Not meant for warmth

The Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves are some of the newest gloves that you can purchase. The performance grip is great for any player on the gridiron and the gloves are durable with each use.

These gloves fit better than other gloves by Cutters in the past, proving that they try to improve their product from one year to the next.

Also, if gloves are needed in a youth size, there are some options from Cutters for a young-in to get the best youth football gloves, making his or her friends jealous with envy.

Under Armour Nitro Football Gloves

If you are looking for some cool receiver gloves, check these pair out. Under Armour has created the Nitro Football Glove Series for all your football fanatics out there.

Made of 100% mixed fiber, you will be sure to have a strengthened pair of gloves good for game-day. These imported gloves meet the standards of the NFHS, NOCSAE, and the NCAA.

With Power-Catch Technology, your thumbs and index fingers will be kept safe and reduce the chances of you twisting or jamming your fingers.

Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves

There is extra tack on the palm of the glove for fantastic control of the football. The glove is made from a single-piece of material that is seamless and allows for maximum ventilation.

If you are looking to catch the eyes of others, the gloves’ reflective details will help you make an entrance onto the football field.


  • Long-lasting grip and material
  • Worth the price
  • Stylish gloves
  • Fast shipping
  • Great customer service
  • Protects fingers and nails
  • Easy to wash


  • Gloves become slippery if not dry
  • Material fades
  • Sizes run a bit small

The Under Armour Nitro Football Gloves would be a great addition to your football gear. They are some of the stickiest football gloves around, and you will be able to catch any ball that is thrown your way.

Look to this branding and design as one that will hold up season after season. They come is classic black and white, or make your wardrobe a little flashy and get the tropical pink and black gloves. It might help distract your opponents.

Neumann Original Tackified Receiver Football Gloves

What are the best wide receiver gloves you may ask? Well, check this brand out for size. These receiver gloves, made by Neumann, contour perfectly to the hand.

They have tackified palms that are made specifically from leather to help control a football. These gloves are easy to wash, and air dry them to keep their tackiness.

Neumann Original Tackified Receiver Gloves

If you are in need of football gloves that fit certain specifications and standards, these gloves meet the NFHS and NCAA standards. With colors of black and white to choose from, these are classic gloves.

These gloves make sure that your hand and fingers have maximum sensitivity, but also maximum protection.


  • Work great in varying weather conditions
  • Good to use throwing
  • Great to use catching
  • Long-lasting gloves
  • Provide warmth


  • Sizing can be awkward with different hand lengths
  • Tackiness might not be as good as other major brands

The Neumann Original Tackified Receiver Gloves are some of the best gloves from a brand you might not have heard of before.

With this product, they rival major brands like Nike and Under Armour with their great tackified gloves.

If you are a fan of ‘old school’ gloves, these might tickle your fancy because of their classic design, but also because of their up-to-date sticky palm grip.

This branding has proven to be efficient and effective for decades, so consider giving Neumann a shot for your next purchase.

Under Armour F4 Football Gloves

If you are looking for the best football gloves for wide receivers, you might want to consider this product from Under Armour (UA).

These gloves have a wonderful sleek design that will draw the attention of others. Made of slick, synthetic material, the F4 Football Gloves, meet NOCSAE, NCAA, and NFHS standards for high school and colleges across the country.

With HeatGear materials, these gloves will keep your hands light, dry, and cool for each play on the field.

Under Armour F4 Football Gloves

Also, the Armour GrabTack palm is super stretchy and gives you ultimate stickiness for the best ball control of any glove on the market.

With these UA gloves, they are made from a solo piece of material that has a seamless palm for perfect ventilation of each hand. Even, the closure is custom fit to your liking.


  • Ideal for skill players
  • Glove options for teenagers and adults
  • Catching made easy in all weather conditions
  • Easily washable
  • Stickiness returns after wash
  • Fit is true to size
  • Gloves good for temperatures as low as 20 degrees
  • Great protection for the hands
  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish gloves
  • Quick shipping


  • Not for lineman
  • Not for children playing football
  • Unpadded
  • Gloves not good for temperature under 20 degrees
  • Dust can cause these gloves to lose their grip
  • Stitching can come undone

The Under Armour Men’s UA F4 Football Gloves are great imported gloves for any skill players on the field. As you strap on these gloves, you should expect a great performance on your end, snap after snap.

The tacky palms will help you hold onto every football that is thrown your way. With the Hook-and-Loop Technology, your gloves will stay securely on your hands with a wonderful fit.

Adidas AdiZero 4.0 Mens Receiver Football Gloves

Adidas might have a bad rep as a brand that has lagged in football branding, but they have come out with these amazing football gloves to turn the tables.

Not only are these gloves great for wide receivers, but they are also some of the best football gloves for running backs, too. With seven different colors to choose from, these gloves definitely have style.

Adidas AdiZero 4.0 Mens Receiver Football Gloves

The fabric delivers a four-way stretch at the back of the hand leaving extra space to expand and contour to your specific hand.

The compression fit has a wonderful 3D overlay that is very lightweight. With GripTack technology, your gloves will have a constant and consistent grip in varying weather conditions.

The gloves are made out of compressed fabric and a neoprene band that fits smoothly and securely around your wrist. The material is injected with molded rubber that has a hook that will not snag for a comfy fit.

Do these gloves meet national standards? Good question: The Adidas AdiZero 4.0 Receiver Gloves meet the NOCSAE Standards, so you can breathe easy at night.


  • Solid quality product
  • Fit to size
  • Delivered quickly
  • Good thick material
  • Great grip support
  • Sleek design


  • Gloves are a bit pricey
  • No manufacturer warranty

The Adidas AdiZero 4.0 Adult Football Receiver’s Gloves could be a great addition to your football gear. Sure, they do cost more than other brands on the market today, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Give Adidas a chance to impress you. Some have thought that Adidas only cares about soccer products, but these football gloves will definitely change any stereotypes on this company. Check these gloves out today.

Cutters Gamer All-Purpose Football Gloves

Some of the best football lineman gloves come from the brand Cutters. Not only are they ideal for anyone playing on the line, but these gloves are also effective for skilled players like quarterbacks and tight ends.

With their patented C-TACK technology, the perforated material has extra ventilation and grip to make your hands very happy.

Cutters Gamer All-Purpose Football Gloves

The neoprene compression on the back of each glove connects with the middle and index fingers for ventilation that will streamline protection for all your digits.

These fantastic football gloves have the iconic oval that all Cutters gloves have had over time. With five colors to choose from, you will have many options to consider.


  • Very durable
  • Stylish product
  • Highly functional
  • Easily washable material that will help restore the gloves’ tackiness
  • Comfortable gloves
  • Lightweight material is used


  • Limited color choices compared to other brands
  • Don’t have a full supply of gloves, so you might have to be patient
  • Sizes are smaller than stated
  • A bit pricey
  • Only a 60 day guarantee on this product

The Gamer Series, made by Cutters, are ideal wide receiver gloves for anyone looking for extra padding, great feel, and magnificent grip. With their patented Rev Tack Recharge technology, cleaning the grip is simple.

It is easy as wiping off the palm of the glove with a wet towel, while watching the grip regain its tackiness. These gloves will keep you catching footballs in any weather, and if they get dirty, put them in a washer and dryer.

The Gamer gloves meet the specifications of the NCAA and the NFHS, so use these legal gloves to your advantage.

Under Armour Combat III Football Gloves

Some of the best football gloves, made by Under Armour, are the Combat III Series.

First off, Under Armour has always lived up to standards and specifications given out by high school, collegiate, and professional institutions. In turn, the Combat III gloves meet the ethical standards of the NOCSAE, NFHS, and the NCAA.

These Under Armour gloves have some great features that might interest you. The removable power strap will give your wrist support it needs.

Under Armour Combat III Football Gloves

With a ArmourMesh construction, the gloves are extremely durable and are lightweight in nature. A great ventilation and moisture transportation system has been created in each pair of gloves to wick the sweat away from your body.

The gloves will trap the sweat, but not at the expense of your gloves smelling. That is the magic of this product.

If you want some extra tacky gloves, the Under Armour DuraTack palm not only allows you to catch each and every football that comes your way, but also gives you added protection during a tackle.


  • Fantastic design
  • Fits to size
  • Great for protection
  • Perfect for lineman in the trenches


  • Material will wear out after a season of use
  • Material gets dirty easily
  • No padding on the back of the hand
  • Limited color choices
  • Poorly coded gloves

The Under Armour Combat III Football Gloves give extra support to your wrists, with a Power Strap that is removable.

These gloves are durable and lightweight that are perfect for lineman who need thicker material on their hands.

If you are worried about what your sweat will do to the gloves, don’t sweat it. The sweat will be wicked away to keep you high and dry.

Not many gloves are targeted to lineman, so if you are in need, you should consider these gloves. Even though the padding is quite thin, these gloves are still effective in what they were created for.

There are pass-blocking pads to keep the defense from your quarterback, or to get you quicker to the quarterback.

Overall, there are mixed reviews on what people think of these gloves. Many steer clear because they want the added protection on the back of the hand that the Combat III gloves do not have, but the Combat II gloves do have.

Many are frustrated with the change. But, these gloves do fit nicely and are very breathable. They meet all the standards and regulations you are looking for, so consider these gloves for your next purchase.

Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves

Alright, these gloves might win the most stylish award. The Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves have some really bright, exciting colors to choose from.

With eight colors options, you might need to buy all eight to add to your collection. The Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves have a great no-cuff construction that allows for you to better grip the football.

Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves

The grip is Magnigrip technology that is not only placed on the palm, but up the wrist as well. Also, these gloves are extremely lightweight; you might not even feel them on your hands.

With enhanced breathable material and a flexible design for extra finger mobility, you will really enjoy these gloves week after week.

Ultimately, these gloves meet the NOCSAE, NCAA, and NFHS standards.


  • Colors match precisely to any jersey
  • Great grip that is not bulky
  • Ventilation helps hands dry
  • Comes in youth and adult sizes
  • Wonderful style


  • Gloves do not fit to size
  • Gloves can start to smell

The Nike Vapor Fly Gloves are an ideal target for any quarterback to throw you the football and trust that you will make a big play.

One of the only negative reviews involve the sizing. You might want to make sure you have free returns on this product, if you need a bigger or smaller size.

Still, the gloves are very snug and will not restrict the blood flow to the rest of your body. Give these gloves a chance to shine under the lights of a stadium or the sunlight of an open field.


In this article, nine different gloves were rated and reviewed, but which gloves are the best? Well, let us start with gloves for lineman.

The best lineman gloves would have to go to the Under Armour Combat III Gloves. These have the padding and protection that any lineman would need.

However, if you are searching for more protection at the back of the hand, consider the Under Armour Combat II Gloves that are almost identically the same, just with more padding for the back side of the glove.

Next, which skill position gloves are the best? This is a hard decision to make, but we will narrow it down to two brands. Consider any of the Cutters gloves that were discussed in this article or the Neumann gloves.

Each glove brand has its own positives. Starting with Cutters, their gloves are lightweight and flexible to fit on any hand. Also, they have great grip to help the football stick.

And for Neumann, their wide receiver gloves are great in any kind of weather and are made of material that is very durable and long-lasting.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is best for you and your hands. What are you looking for? Style? Design? Protection? Grip? Durability?

Deciding what is best for you and your hands will help you along in the process, as you decided what are the best football gloves for you.

StevenBest Football Gloves 2017: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide with Reviews