Best Football Facemask 2017: The Definitive Buying Guide

As we enter into another year, it is time to discuss some of the best football facemask options in 2017 for you.

Since there are so many different types of facemasks to choice from, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task to pick the right one.

Whether its type of mask or the right color, we are here to discuss all the options. But, don’t worry in the slightest.

The many options will ultimately help you find the right facemask for protection.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Football Facemasks in 2017

When picking the best facemask for you, make sure that it fits onto the football helmet that you own. Even though facemasks can be an expensive accessory, they are worth the amount of money spent, due to the fact that it is one of the most important pieces of football gear you can buy.

As you dive into the world of facemasks, consider what you need. There are youth and adult facemask options to fit almost any need. It is vital for you to consider a facemask that protects your health and is cost-effective for your wallet.

First off, it is important to know the major brands when it comes to manufacturing for football facemasks. Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith are the Big 3.

Their facemasks only fit their helmets, so you will not be able to mix and match different products together. Even if you buy a version of a Schutt facemask, the same version of Schutt helmet needs to be used as well.

best football facemask

These manufactures are very particular when it comes to having the same brand and facemask because the technology is newer and highly advanced, and they want their brand to be the best that it can be with matching products.

However, there are other facemasks that do fit to different helmet shells. But, do not expect that to be normal when it comes to the world of facemasks.

Another item to discuss is what facemask is right for the position that you play on the field. Different types of bar configurations help to determine protection, performance, and the position that is played on the gridiron.

For example, when there is a facemask with cross bars high across the eye-line, this is definitely going to protect the user, but they will not be able to help the user see better.

This version would probably not be good for a quarterback trying to throw the ball or a wide receiver trying to catch the pass, when these position players rely on seeing the whole field during play.

Another facemask that would offer more visibility would be the open configuration mask. However, this mask will not protect the eyes and mouth from opponents’ fingers and hands like the other mask.

Lineman would not be protected with this facemask, but position players love this mask due to its open nature allowing them to see better.

One way to garner more protection is by adding a helmet visor to your facemask. However, more often than not, linemen would rather have more barred protection for their face than a visor.

So, the facemask must be able to provide both performance and protection. Depending on the position you play, there are many options to fit your needs.

Telling the difference between facemasks might be confusing, since most look the same, but there are acronyms that explain the different bar configurations and which position players they help protect.

Riddell Facemask Versions:

  • 2B – QB, RB, WR, TE, DB, Skill Positions
  • 2BD – RB, FB, TE, DB, LB, Hitting Positions
  • 2BDC – QB, WR, TE, DB, Skill Positions
  • 3BD – Linemen Only

Schutt Facemask Versions:

  • Eyeglass & Oral Protection (EGOP) – RB, WR, TE, DE
  • Nose & Oral Protection (NOPO) – FB, TE, LB
  • Reinforced Jaw & Oral Protection (RJOP) – QB, FB, OL, DL, LB
  • Oral Protection Only (OPO) – K, P, QB, WR, TE, DB

As you continue to look for the best football facemask, you need to decide what metal is right for you to purchase.

There are three types of metal that facemasks are made of: titanium, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Each metal has varying levels of performance, weight, durability, and price.

Titanium is the most expensive metal, but you get what you pay for. This metal is the lightest of all facemask metals, but also the strongest as well.

This gives football players a great advantage, keeping them quick on their feet and well-conditioned throughout the game. In all reality, titanium is up to 60% lighter than carbon steel.

Specifically, you will see players wearing these facemasks in college and the professional ranks more often than junior and varsity levels.

Next up are stainless steel facemasks. These cool football facemasks are not as light as titanium, but lighter than carbon steel.

Stainless steel facemasks are recommended for serious football players at the youth and high school level, but casual players of the game would also enjoy this facemask.

Lastly, the carbon steel facemarks are the least expensive of the masks, but still meet the industry standards. These masks are the heaviest of them all, so they are great for football players just starting out on the field for beginner and youth levels.

The coolest football facemasks are the ones that come with the latest advancements in football technology.

With these advancements, the next generation of football players are seeing better protection and performance than ever before, from beginners all the way to the National Football League. Two specific advancements for facemasks involve flexible metals and lightweight materials.

Flexible metals are revolutionizing the way the game of football is being played across the country.

With new technology for Riddell and Schutt, the flexible facemasks give each player added protection and a flex in the metal that will absorb impacts better than before, reducing the amount of concussions and trauma to the head and the face.

This safety breakthrough is improved the game of football.

With Riddell, the Revolution Speed series facemasks are at the forefront of using lightweight materials. Their traditional steel facemasks weigh 14% less than their original steel mask, but still offers improved speed and mobility on the gridiron with the same steel strength as before. These facemasks are trying to give titanium a run for its money.

Make sure you consider some of these things before buying the correct facemask for you.

Coolest Football Facemask: Reviews

Xenith Prowl Facemask

The Xenith Prowl Facemask is great for any football player who wants an open mask to keep their vision up the field.

This mask is made from steel that is carbon fiber, making sure that you withstand every hit and collision that comes your way. This facemask is the perfect for added protection and allows great visibility.

No matter the position on the field (in the trenches or running down the field as a skill player), this facemask is a well-rounded piece of equipment.


  • Variety of facemask colors
  • Great durability and quality
  • Perfect protection
  • Cost efficient
  • Allow for great vision
  • Easy Instructions
  • Made for all players
  • Visor / Eye-Shield can be added
  • Comparable to weight of other facemasks made of carbon steel


  • Facemask does not fit to small helmets
  • To this point, new technology does not have a lot of reviews on this product

This facemask, made by Xenith, is a great, new addition to their line of products. Because of its newness, we will continue to see how fantastic this product really becomes.

However, do be sure to look elsewhere for a mask, if you are looking for one that fits to a small helmet, since Xenith does not offer this at the time.

Riddell Revolution Speed Facemask (S2BD-SW-SP)

The Revolution Speed Facemask, made by Riddell, is one of the best football facemasks. This custom facemask is worn by a lot of the professionals of the NFL, who are specifically position players.

The style of facemask is an S-Bar addition for added visibility for any football player. The facemask is made from carbon steel that is high-impact for extra durability and strength for each collision taken.

Riddell Revolution Speed Facemask (S2BD-SW-SP)

Also, if you are looking for cool football facemasks, then check out 11 different colors you can choose from when finding the right facemask for you.


  • Facemasks worn by QB, RB, WR, TE, DB
  • Can be used by adults and youth
  • Great vision
  • Fantastic protection
  • Visor can work with this Riddell facemask


  • Does not have hardware for facemask adjustments
  • Price will go up if you purchase outside the U.S.A.

The Riddell Revolution Speed Facemask is a high-quality brand that is worth the cost. It is made of carbon steel that protects hit after hit.

With its high standards and great stability, Riddell has prided itself on being the best year after year. Check out this product and see if it works for you.

Schutt Varsity DNA STG Specialty Facemask

Check out this full cage facemask made by Schutt. The Varsity DNA STG Specialty Facemask has a big grill that protects its players.

As a Reinforced Oral Protection Only (ROPO) specialty mask, this product has 17 bars for added safety and protection.

There are less grabbing points for opponents to get their hands and fingers in your face with 12 diagonal bars and 5 horizontal bars making your face a protected fortress. Some of the NFL’s defensive positions use this mask and trust the safety the Schutt brings with every mask.

If you are looking for the best football facemask, the Schutt Varsity is made of carbon steel to protect and scare opponents with its intimidating mold.


  • Football facemask for varsity on up
  • Carbon steel dependability
  • Wonderful protection
  • Cool style
  • Recommended for RB, FB, TE, DE, LB, DB


  • Not a facemask for youth football players
  • Not recommended for a QB

The Schutt Varsity Facemask is great if you are looking for more protection. However, you probably will be losing visibility in the process. Schutt makes a fantastic product, so do not worry about this manufacturer.

Just realize what kind of facemask you are looking for because this one might be the one for you.

Xenith Varsity XRS-21 Football Facemask

The Xenith Varsity XRS-21 Facemask is one of the best on the market today. This product is perfect for skill players like running backs and quarterbacks.

Xenith Varsity XRS-21 Football Facemask

This mask is very light and allows for great visibility. Carbon steel is also used in creating this facemask, making it cost effective and durable.

Looking for this facemask to connect to helmet sizes medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Facemasks used for varsity players up to professional players
  • Lightweight product
  • Ensures clarity for each player


  • Not intended for youth players
  • Facemask does not fit small Xenith helmets
  • Can not fit this Xenith facemask with another helmet brand
  • Clips, Visors, and Helmets are not included with this facemask

This Xenith facemask is a great quality product. If you buy this specific brand, make sure that you only use Xenith products because they will not work with any other product.

Its carbon steel make-up is a perfect mix of strength and has a minimal cost to you. The Xenith facemask would be a good product to invest in. You will not be disappointed with this facemask.


In conclusion, out of the four facemasks investigated, the Xenith Prowl Facemask is the best product overall for purchase.

Any position player could use this facemask and feel comfortable using it. There are a variety of colors to choose from to fit the style you want with its sleek desing.

Its carbon steel make-up with keep your protected snap after snap, and it has some unique features that other facemasks do not possess.

Some of these features include easy-install instructions and accessibility to adding a visor or eye-shield for added protection.

Ultimately, remember some of the guidelines in the buyer’s guide to pick the best football facemask for you.

If you know what you desire, you will find it much easier to pick the right one for you. Good luck shopping for football facemasks.

StevenBest Football Facemask 2017: The Definitive Buying Guide