Best Football Cleats 2017: A Complete Buyer’s Guide with Reviews

Having the right cleats for game purposes is essential for playing football on the gridiron. However, this can be an overwhelming challenge to say the least.

Don’t be alarmed. Having so many cleats at so many different prices gives consumers many options. Don’t let price determine what cleats are best.

The most expensive cleats might not be the best quality overall. Finding a superior cleat has a lot less to do with price, and a lot more to do with the technology that is available.

Today, this article will talk about the best football cleats on the market.

Guide to Buying the Best Football Cleats

When you talk about football equipment, cleats might be considered the most important piece. Their important role keeps players grounded, literally.

Sometimes, when football is played, weather can take a turn for the worst. No matter if the weather calls for snow, rain, or icy conditions, good football cleats are essential.

Best Football Cleats

Also, having appropriate footwear could help prevent injuries in the short-term and the long-term as well. There are many factors that make football cleats the best.

Let’s talk about a few reasons that include construction, fit-ability, and the price.

First up: quality construction. Many people want to save money while buying a quality cleat. However, when saving money, people should not skimp on quality.

Football is a rough and tough sport that can take its toll on the body, especially the feet. Top football cleats need to be constructed appropriately with the right materials that move with the foot itself.

This kind of material is called ‘breathable’ and it makes the best cleats possible. With this construction, there must be a good grip to the cleats, so a player can cut across the field on grass or turf.

These cleats will prevent sliding. Even the shoe laces are big part of the product because the cleats need to stay on the players’ feet.

When buying the right cleats, they need to fit appropriately. There are so many cleats out there with wide ranging shapes and sizes for the feet.

Just because expensive cleats are bought, does not mean that they will fit appropriately or concisely.

If they are not cut right, they will not fit right.

Cleats that are ill-fitting could cause damage to the feet. Discomfort from blisters might start to form, causing the player a lot of pain.

When considering the most comfortable football cleats, find a brand that fits the majority of foot shapes and size.

With more options, these brands have a better idea of how to make their consumers more comfortable. Many times, there are sizing charts that can give guidelines on how feet can fit like a glove within the cleat.

Lastly, price range is very important to a lot of customers. Look for brands that have fair price ranges. Sure, there are plenty of expensive options when it comes to cleats, but are their cheaper options for to create a happy medium for the buyer?

As long as there is high quality built into the cleat, go with what your pocketbook says and your heart.

Best Youth Football Cleats

When it comes to football cleats that are best for the youth, remember to re-stock your child with some new choices. Old cleats can get pretty burnt out, and could cause some issues leading to injury.

Best Youth Football Cleats

Some options for the youth include Jordan Dominate Pro and adidas CrazyQuick cleats, which use technology straight from the basketball hardwood to the gridiron.

Nike Jordan Dominate Pro TD 2

Nike Jordan Men's Dominate Pro TD 2 Football Cleats

Adidas Performance Crazyquick 2.0

Adidas Performance Crazyquick 2.0 Cleats

These cleats are good for aggressive play and quick cutting movements. Also, there is Under Armour, which continues to change the way ankle support is created. With their CompFit ankle support, they strive for the safety of youth on the field.

Lastly, Nike has always been about speed and the most aerodynamic creation. No matter if the cleats are for a beginner or a skilled player, any of these brands could do the job.

Best Lightweight Football Cleats

Whether you are looking for youth or adult cleats, it is important to find awesome football cleats that are lightweight, but also suitable for the fabric to hold together for an extended life period.

For some, having cleats for a while might not be suitable. So many people are into the new designs and styles, and would like to get a new pair every season, or even a few pairs throughout the season.

These sleek designs and purposeful patterns might influence a persons’ wants over cleats that they actually need.

There are numerous sites to buy lightweight cleats, especially during the holidays, when the sales are never ending.

Also, a good time to buy cleats is in the off-season. Usually, stores have cleats cheaper when they are not as valued.

Overall, the best football cleats need to bring ultimate comfort to the user. As a person runs, they should not even notice the cleats they are wearing.

Another feature lightweight football cleats should have includes wash-ability. Are the cleats not only light, but also washable when they get dirty?

Make sure that they can be thrown into the wash without any damage. Whether its grass stains, mud, or stinky feet, football cleats need to be cleaned.

Ultimately, when purchasing football cleats, do not be afraid to ask for help in making the right decision, whether it be someone who works at a cleats store, or talking to people who have had experience purchasing cleats.

With these thoughts in mind, you will be well on your way to purchasing the best lightweight football cleats for you.

Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers

When it comes to football cleats that are best for wide receivers, they need to be easy to wear and wash. They need to have high standards in design and value.

These products need to be the best football cleats for speed. While running, these cleats need to not fail while running.

Depending on size and patterns of the football brand, these cleats can be a huge benefit. With suitable fabrics compared to other cleats, these are well-accepted for running longer.

Look for deals on websites to give you the best offers. Whether you are looking for a brand like Umbro or Jordan, look to find the best options.

Some sites even offer a trial period that you can use to try them on. If you do not like them, depending on the time amount, you can send them back with a minimum charge to you.

Real innovations have been made on these type of cleats. Look for sleek designs and a plethora of color choices to choose from. This will help satisfy you as a customer.

Most Expensive Football Cleats

Some of the most expensive football cleats on the market today are more pricy because of the people who are advertising the shoes.

Whether it is the Nike CJ Elite series, advertised by Reggie Bush, or the Nike Talon Elite, by A.J. Green, you know it costs Nike a pretty penny to hire these athletes for their product. In turn, look for a spike in cost of shoes.

The most expensive shoes are advertised by some of the NFL Best Stars. The best Nike football cleats that people like to buy, and where price is not an issue, are the Nike Lunar Superbad Pro.

These shoes, worn by Drew Brees, Demaryius Thomas, and Tamba Hali, are quite expensive, but are very popular.

Let’s dive into the Football Cleat Reviews

Nike CJ Elite 2 TD Mid Football Cleats

These are some of the best American football cleats. These were created by the recently retired wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, to provide support, durability, and great speed.

These cleats are part of the reason Calvin Johnson has been a beast over the last decade. With its lockdown strap feature, you will be thankful for its comfort and safety.

This edition, being the second one made, will make you feel like Nike has made this product better than the first brand, and has made a solid product.

Nike CJ Elite 2 TD Mid Football Cleats

This lightweight synthetic cleat, at only a pound and a half, is molded to provide durability that is breathable in each product sold.

A full-fit sleeve provides for a fit that is exceptional. There will be no foot slippage with this cleat. The outsole allows you to leave opposing players in the dust.

With their Pebax technology, Nike has created some awesome football cleats. These cleats are not only good for offensive players, but defensive players as well.


  • Great durability
  • Worn by many different position players
  • Slippage is minimal with these cleats


  • Lightweight for Nike, but not compared to other brands
  • Product created in 2014, making it older than most

This is a great cleat that is still in circulation because of its great value and durability. If you are looking for a shoe that can hold up in the worst elements, give these cleats a try. You will not be disappointed.

Under Armour Fierce Havoc D

As far as football cleat reviews go, this product, made by Under Armour, is one of the best on the market.

These cleats have a slimmer athletic cut than most, giving you mobility that is better, and less bulk coming from the fabric design.

There are locks on this cleats that keep the foot cozy and tight within the shoe area.

Under Armour prides itself on great stability and support for each cleat made, by engineering synthetic material for durability, strength, and satisfaction.

Under Armour Fierce Havoc D Football Shoes

Its MicroG Foam helps conform to any foot that is placed inside. There is a mudguard on these cleats, so they can easily be washed after a rainy or snowy game.

Cleats like these keep you low to the ground for more elusive plays on the gridiron, getting you past the opposition.

With this cleat weighing in at 14.7 ounces, they were not made for speed; they were made for ultimate support for many games to come.


  • Durable and Strong
  • Great Technology built into the cleat
  • Terrific Traction


  • Not meant for speed
  • Imported Cleat

These cleats were not meant for speed, so look elsewhere if that is what you are looking for with a running back, wide receivers, or secondary coverage players.

However, if you are looking for a cleat that is long lasting and is good within the trenches, purchase these cleats for lineman on either end of the ball.

Nike Vapor Talon Elite

Looking for the best cleats for running backs? Look no further. Put the Nike Vapor Talon Elite on your shopping list.

These lightweight, neoprene cleats are some of the most durable. With Hyperfuse technology, these cleats are some of the finest.

Nike even has adjustable pegs, if the athlete wants more or less traction on the field, depending on weather.

With a good-looking design, you will be very happy with the ankle support that is given from these cleats.

Their snug fit makes these the best football cleats for wide feet. They will even stretch overtime, giving you a more comfortable fit than the last time they were worn.

Nike Vapor Talon Elite Molded Football Cleats

You will be very happy with these cleats. As stated, Nike gives the perfect length measurements for you to be satisfied with your purchase.

The design of this shoe makes you feel like you aren’t even wearing shoes. They can help an already natural running style game after game.


  • Lightweight cleats
  • Great durability
  • Adjustable cleats making them a dual-threat


  • Lower support means rolling the ankle is more prevalent
  • Players over 175 pounds will not like the fit of these cleats

These cleats are great at the junior level. After players get to a certain weight, these cleats will not be able to handle wider feet.

Also, the low support might be a concern if an athlete has a history of ankle sprains. However, this is a cleat that is hardworking, and lasts and lasts.

Look to get these cleats if you are a quarterback, as well.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Football Cleats

The Under Armour Highlight Cleats have a long track record for greatness. They are a synthetic build that is imported with a rubber sole.

With UA ClutchFit technology, feet are wrapped in a second layer of support that gives each athlete a comfortable feel.

They are lightweight, due to the material that forms to the foot. This will give muscles and joints better support to limit toe hyperextensions that take place in football.

The molded MPZ tongue is customarily made for added protection to the foot. Great flexibility and reduced pressure from the cleat gives this product high reviews.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Football Cleats

The Highlight Football Cleats eliminate slippage and allow the athlete to play to the best of their ability. One of the customizable pieces for these cleats are the colored sets of laces.

A player can choose black, orange, forest green, purple, pink, or cardinal to match their jersey and give them some independence.


  • Some of the best football cleats for turf
  • Standard D Width
  • Great Ankle Protection
  • Eliminates blisters
  • Perfect for the O-line or a position player


  • Sole has a tendency to fall out
  • Slow arrival time on cleats

The Highlight Cleats are some of the most well-rounded and complete shoes around. They have great features and technologies that have lasted in each generation of the cleat.

They have great support, but also are lightweight making these cleats the perfect pairing of value that athletes want.

Nike Vapor Carbon Elite

The Nike Vapor Carbon Elite Cleats are the best looking football cleats around. With a variety of colors and sizes, each athlete gets a chance to look individualistic on the field.

These cleats are made of a synthetic material that has a carbon fiber sole. For the upper part of the cleat, there is Zero-space fit technology, which only has room for the foot to be stabilized.

Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Mens Football Cleats

The Nano-lasered quarter panels are a nice combination of comfort and support in every use. For the outsole, carbon fibered plate and traction patterns were installed to make this cleat explosive play after play.

When these cleats are purchased, they come in a box and with a vapor bag that can be used to carry them around.

These are billed as the fastest cleat in football. See if the rumors are true. The Nike Vapor Series was made for speed and explosive cutbacks on the field.


  • Great for grass fields
  • Provide sensational stability
  • Lightweight design


  • Average durability
  • Sizing is bigger than normal

These cleats are great for speed. However, the durability makes this cleat only last during the season. But, that should be expected when buying a lightweight cleat for speed.

These products usually do not last as long as other cleats with durability as their focus.

Nike Lunar Superbad Pro

If you are looking for some of the best football cleats, check these Nike Lunar cleats out. Made of neoprene and a TPU sloe, these cleats will hold-up throughout your season.

There are three layers to this cleat: upper, midsole, and outsole. The upper material is made from synthetic leather that fits and keeps the foot on lockdown.

The midsole has Lunarlon foam that cushions the foot during every move. The outsole is molded for grab that is superior to most other cleats, making this product top notch.

Nike Lunar Superbad Pro

These cleats are a blend of power and quickness, giving this product fantastic reviews. Look for its aggressive design to change the way you view cleats.

Currently, these cleats are one of the more pricey editions, but are also worn by some of the most prominent NFL SuperStars in 2016. People want to play like the pros, and these cleats benefit from that.


  • Recommended on artificial turf
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Not for grass play
  • Heavier cleat than most Nike designs

The Nike Lunar Series is a great cleat for turf, but not for grass. They have a great blend of durability and speed.

With a lot of colors to choose from, this is one of the most popular cleat options around.

Adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0

Adidas Adizero are some of the best football cleats, as well. These cleats are made from synthetic SHOCKWEB material that is strong and lightweight, reducing the weight of the shoe significantly.

With a SPRINTWEB frame, it provides the foot to be locked-down with great stability.

The foam inside each cleat provides cozy comfort and the TRAXION studs give each athlete perfect traction for better acceleration with each step.

With a 5-Star Frame, these cleats have five reasons that you will love this cleat on grass or turf fields. The Adizero cleats are some of the lightest and fastest.

adidas adizero 5-Star 3.0 Men's Football Cleats

At only 9 ounces, no other football brand can match their design. A position player will be able to move up the field in a hurry, giving the team a better chance to score.

Cleats like these will last you season after season, giving you peace of mind when purchasing a dynamic product.


  • Perfect for football and track use
  • Made for speed
  • Improved technology for better performance
  • The lightest football cleat out there


  • Need to be ordered a half-size bigger
  • Brand is not as well-known in the football scene

Even though Adidas is not as present in the American football scene, these cleats are still worth a look. They are as good as some products made by Nike and Under Armour.

These cleats are the perfect lightweight design to gather speed quickly and effectively.

Final Wrap-Up

After much review and research, the best football cleats are the Under Armour Men’s Highlight Football Cleats.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Football Cleats

These cleats offer durability and support. With high ankle support, an athlete will not roll their ankles as much as the mid and low designs.

Extra protection makes this cleat a premier choice over every other on  the market today.

Ultimately, you will need to make the best decision for you. If you care about the brand, go in that direction.

Make conscious decisions based on speed, durability, design, or special features. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on your needs.

StevenBest Football Cleats 2017: A Complete Buyer’s Guide with Reviews