About me

I am Steve, this is my site.

I love football, played in high school and for my college. I love the sport of football, the art of the game and the competitiveness of other fans. In my world football is not just a season it is a lifestyle. You either love the game and are totally dedicated or you are not a fan!

I coach my sons league now and field a lot of questions from recreational jocks and parents about injuries, equipment and the sport itself. I put together this site so I could share my knowledge with other fans and for people that are just entering the world of football.

There are a lot more options out there now than there were when I was throwing around the pigskin 20 years ago for my Alma Mater, a little help with choosing the best equipment and understanding the differences can go a long way in making the right choices.

I am not compensated by the companies for anything I review, I do it because I love the sport, love the players and want to support people in making the right choices! I hope you find the information here useful and make buys you are happy with!

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